Travelers Pad
Short Term Rental process

Dear Property Owner,

Travelers PAD is Short Term Rental Hospitality Company. we’re interested in leasing your property.  We are a Alameda, CA based company that allows business travelers to experience what it is to live like a local.  We offer all the amenities of a fine hotel, but in a privately owned property.

Who would be staying in my property?   Out of state business and leisure travelers who are seeking something different choose Travelers PAD.

Our average member earns more than $75,000 annually, is prescreened for identification, and provides a deposit prior to their visit.

They are adults, pet free, non-smokers, and typically stay for 1-3 nights.

Is there any charge for working with you?  There are no fees, charges or hidden costs whatsoever for allowing Travelers PAD to lease your property. We sign a 6 or 12 month lease and provide a deposit, just as any other tenant would.

What are some advantages to working with Travelers PAD?   First, we offer free keyless entry so that only property owners have a key to their property. This also ensures that guests have access only for the nights they’re booked to stay.  Secondly, after every guest, your property is cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning company.

Here’s a comparison of a typical renter vs working with us:

I’m looking forward to speaking with you and developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

I can be reached anytime at (510)238-9696.  Thanks for considering Traveleers PAD!




We provide short-term vacation rental for houses, apartments and properties etc. listed by the landlords or owners and spend your vacations in California. We offer a variety of vacation homes to fit for every size family and budget.

A “Short-term Vacation Rental” is any house or other structure containing any number of rooms inside reasonable zones which is utilized, promoted or held out to the general population to some extent or its whole to be where dozing facilities are provided for pay and such lodging are given on a day by day or week by week reason for not over (30) days for overnight remain. So, you can rent the location for short-term stays like for a few days or a week and stay can also be extended.

Our service area is covered within 50 miles radius from zipcode 94501. If your property falls within the above mentioned areas and you are looking to rent it for the short-term then Travelrspad is the perfect choice for you because we also post these listings to the most popular websites like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Tripping, HouseTrip, Flipkey, VayStays and many more others. We are all committed to provide the best services to our customers.

Tired of the headache of dealing with bad tenants?