Your Home Away From Home

Travelers Short Term Rental Solution

Short Term Rental Hospitality Company

we’re interested in leasing your property.  We are a Alameda, CA based company that allows business travelers to experience what it is to live like a local.  We offer all the amenities of a fine hotel, but in a privately owned property.


Your Home Away From Home

Travelers Short Term Rental Solution

What to expect working with Travelers Pad

Travelers Pad is an entirely new way of looking at property management.
It eliminates the headaches associated with renting and managing your own property. We offer A to Z management of your rental, with a worry-free program
SHORT TERM RENTAL” that guarantees your monthly revenue.


There are no fees, charges or hidden costs whatsoever for allowing Travelers PAD to lease your property.
We sign a 6 or 12 month lease and provide a deposit, just as any other tenant would.
Our average member earns more than $75,000 annually, is prescreened for identification, and provides a deposit prior to their visit.

Corporate & Client Relations

Travelers Pad connects individual, and multi-unit property owners, with corprate level, high quality, short term tenants.  Travelers Pad provides service throughout the greater bay area, covering a 100 mile radius from  the 94501 zip code.

Fast Repair

Small Unexpected issues my come up sometimes.
Travelers Pad has a professional repair team that  handles the repair ASAP.

Professional Cleaning

Travelers Pad has professional cleaning team who ensures that your property is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards after every stay.
We Train our cleaning staff to look for any issues that need immediate attention.


Travelers Pad handles all of the tasks associated with marketing and promotion of your property, listing on all of the major short-term rental sites.

Help Desk

Help desk of Travelers Pad is waiting for your call 24/7.
No need to compromise your comfort.
If there is a issue , please contact us Any time  and let us take care of the rest.

Satisfied Stay

There are so many factors to providing a satisfied tenant stay.
Travelers Pad has created a step by step check list system to ensure that each Pearson leaves with a smile.

Premium Staging

Travelers Pads’ interior design Team, stage and  decorate your property.

All the required items will be in every unit, to ensure the most comfortable stay.

property management,
property management
property management

Discover Unlimited Beauty

All Travel Pad locations are clean, safe and secure.
Our goal is to provide you with an comfortable and excellent Short Term rentals.

A place to get Short-term Vacation Rentals!

Is it true that you are exhausted with the standard and needing a get-away that fits your family impeccably? Those get-away rental escapes you’ve been looking freely enable you to see the world through another focal point, investigate attractions and relish the new. Gather your things and put it all on the line! When you hold one of our cash sparing excursion rentals, you can go in style with simple access to experiences around each corner. Delight in the protection of your own space as you delineate your movements or put your feet up following a day of outings. There are such a significant number of choices to pick from – a sea front townhouse rental to a stream side mountain lodge.

As enticing as it sounds to just rest and revive in extraordinary compared to other here and now rentals around the local area, there is sustenance to test, sights to see and recollections to make! Wander into the city, find its history, investigate the social shows and genuinely taste the lively kinds of the new world around you. At that point make yourself at home in your enticing rental space and take a merited split or throw together a devour with neighborhood showcase rarities.

Regardless of whether you’re in the state of mind for a comfortable flat, extensive house or luxurious villa, there’s a rental with your name on it. When you book through Travelerspad, you approach a wide range of here and now flats to guarantee you locate your ideal match. What are you sitting tight for? Your fantasy get-away is not too far off.

Why People Prefer Travelers Pad

Travelers Pad, I think they’re the best out there. Fast response, nice and friendly behavior, lots of option to select from and what not. They’re the full package. Carolina Jordan

My house was left empty for quite a long time since we have to stay in another city and hardly visit here.The house was becoming hell. But when I came in touch with travelerspad , it all changed like magic. They moved so quickly that I signed a year lease with them on the spot! They’ve taken great care of my place and I couldn’t be happier to be working with them. Stefen Merlin

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